Wanda Says:

"This is cosmic-inflected lounge music; troubadour heroism, a soundtrack for a virtual film. Abstract, glitched out and layered with languid rhythms, melodic refrains and spiraling clarinet,we are slowly and gradually beamed into a world 'beyond' this world, into the mind of a refracted, and deliriously, schizo-lucid woman-narrator, whose oracular storytelling takes us beyond the urban, technocratic apocalypse, to a world of unknown contours, and insubstantial visions. Yr Lovely Dead Moon recalls the epic poetry and narratives of messianic seers. An ultra slowed down, and refracted, North West version of Patti Smith's Piss Factory unfolds. From work, desire, dread. The capitalist enslavement of body and mind, to ecstatic oneiric escape. The human and non-human meet in an eerie dance of electronic and organic delirium."